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Civil Litigation

Gold Coast Civil Litigation Lawyer

For a civil litigation lawyer in Gold Coast, contact the QBM Lawyers. We are familiar with the litigation that comes out of fluctuations in the local economy.

As the property market improves, there are many disputes with people attempting to purchase a property and development sites. As well as related development litigation such as building disputes, claims for negligence or breach of contract against service providers.

Gold Coast Civil Litigation Lawyer, lawyer for liquidation, corporate insolvency lawyer

Why Trust QBM Civil Litigation Lawyer?

As the local economy contracts and property prices fall, we see a shift in the market. There are many disputes with parties attempting to extricate themselves from contracts and future obligations.

Therefore, we understand these cycles through involvement in that litigation. With the knowledge of particular contract litigation, our Gold Coast civil litigation lawyers and commercial lawyers provide effective guidance. Plus, our advice is designed to protect against future contingencies, and are familiar with the usual triggers to allow the ending of long-term contracts.

Furthermore, commonly these fluctuations give rise to increases in:

  • mortgage and security litigation;
  • building litigation;
  • property litigation and in particular contract litigation;
  • misleading conduct claims;
  • body corporate litigation;
  • employment litigation.

Indeed, the strength of QBM Lawyers in commercial and business law is also of benefit in the conduct of civil litigation and the provision of knowledge. Moreover, our lawyers are familiar with the resources of litigation and commercial and business structures.

Thus, it is advantageous to quickly come to understand the essence of the dispute, what rights and remedies the parties might have, and a means of resolution of the issue.  After all, there are vastly different means of litigating and resolving claims depending on the structure involved. 

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A dispute between shareholders may be dealt with through proceedings for oppression, whereas a similar dispute under a partnership or trust arrangement having the same effect would have to be dealt with in an entirely different manner.

For all civil litigation-related enquiries, please contact us on 0755 740111 or admin@qbmlaw.com.au.

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