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QBM – Gold Coast Lawyers

QBM Lawyers, with its talented team of Gold Coast Lawyers, has successfully represented local and interstate interests in a variety of fields. These include commercial ventures and business lawsuits, in addition to acting in personal conveyancing, estate planning, wills, and estates.

Moreover, QBM Lawyers was founded in 1984 and has been based in the Bundall region for more than 40 years. We have strong relationships with the Gold Coast’s corporate community. 

The firm’s partners, Paul Box, Peter Muller, and Justin Mathews, are all qualified Gold Coast lawyers. They have all been with the firm for more than 15 years and have extensive experience in litigation and commercial law. 

Why Us

QBM Gold Coast Lawyers: Your Legal Team for Seamless Solutions

First of all, with a close-knit team of Gold Coast solicitors who specialise in litigation and business law, you can rest assured. Most of the cases can be handled quickly and affordably without the delays. Second, we also handle the costs involved in outsourcing some parts of the instructions for outside commentary or opinion. As a result, our Gold Coast lawyers can not only examine the difficulties at hand but also offer solutions and tactics. It benefits both business and legal interests. 

So whether it’s a business discussion or a lawsuit, our attorneys are experts at finding incentives for successful resolutions. Ultimately, these abilities are helpful to QBM Lawyers’ clients in both contract and business negotiation as well as dispute resolution procedures.

In addition, QBM Lawyers in Gold Coast consider people who refer clients and matters from different sources—such as Gold Coast accountants, financial planners, liquidators, property and business owners, and local and interstate lawyers—to be valued firm clients. Moreover, to better serve their clients, QBM Gold Coast lawyers are always seeking to grow this network of knowledge.

Truly, at QBM Lawyers, we are committed to providing successful results for our clients and have the necessary management, support, and facilities. Also, we understand our client’s goals, see the challenges and possibilities, and are prepared to listen and respond to their commercial needs. 

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QBM Lawyers

QBM Lawyers partners—each with over 30 years of experience—work closely with our careful and senior lawyers and our skilled assistants, delivering high-quality solutions to both local and interstate clients.

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