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Building Lawyer Gold Coast

Building Lawyers Gold Coast

Our Gold Coast building lawyers provide skilled services in all aspects of building and construction law for contractors, subcontractors, and for owners.

Our services in building and construction matters include:

QBM Lawyers - Experienced building and construction lawyers for Gold Coast, Queensland, and New South Wales

Building Lawyers Gold Coast - for Contractors and subcontractors

Our building and construction lawyers can assist you in all aspects of your business from structuring and licensing issues to the preparation of contracts. If you come into dispute we can advise in respect of payment claims and payment schedules and the adjudication process in addition to subcontractor’s charges and contract litigation.

Our partner, Justin Mathews, is an accredited specialist in commercial litigation with a particular interest in building litigation and has acted in a number of major disputes involving the security of payment legislation. Our partners Justin Mathews and Peter Muller have acted in a number of actions involving compliance with the obligations of contractors to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission including the review of decisions.

Our Gold Coast building lawyers have acted for contractors and subcontractors in many construction and construction related disputes including:

  • Disciplinary action by the QBCC/QBSA;
  • Permitted individual applications;
  • Directions to rectify and disputes in respect of the scope of works;
  • Claims made under deeds of covenants provided by parties in support of licensing requirements;
  • Disputes in relation to the interpretation of building contracts;
  • Disputes in relation to prolongation claims and delay damages;
  • Claims in respect of liquidated damages;
  • Claims in relation to variations;
  • The Building Industry Fairness process including preparation of payment schedules, applications for adjudication, and submissions and material in support of the adjudication;
  • Review of and injunctions against the enforcement of decisions arising from the adjudication process;
  • Contract terms and compliance with regulatory obligations.
Building Lawyers Gold Coast - for Owners

Our building and construction lawyers can assist to streamline your dealings with contractors by reviewing your proposed contracts and assisting in obtaining the performance of those contracts.

We provide assistance to developers and associated parties and to individual owners to ensure that the proposed documents are understood and reflect their intention and by providing prompt and realistic advice as to meeting difficulties and challenges when they arise.

Our construction lawyers and commercial lawyers can also help in respect of:

  • Joint ventures and other vehicles for small or large-scale property development;
  • Contractual arrangements;
  • The contract process;
  • Disputes with builders and contractors or adjoining owners;
  • Easements, covenants, and subdivisions.

Specialist Building & Construction Advice

At QBM Lawyers we focus on delivering effective results to clients and have the management, support, and facilities to do so.  We understand our clients’ aims, acknowledge their challenges and opportunities and are able to listen and respond to their commercial needs.