One of the benefits of the use of a testamentary discretionary trust in making a Will is that – by giving the gift to a trust for the benefit of a particular class of people – if one of them is bankrupted then the gift will potentially be protected from claims by the trustee in […]

Hot on the heels of the criminalisation of wage theft in Queensland which we mentioned a few months ago, the Federal Government has (in December 2020) introduced a bill to amend the Fair Work Act so as to criminalise wage theft at a Commonwealth level. At the time of posting (17 December) the bill has […]

Plenty of people try to save some money by making their own will, sometimes through the use of a will kit from a newsagent. I suppose that I am of two minds about this. On the one hand, we lose the fee (usually under $1,000) that we would have made had we been instructed to […]

There has been consumer protection from unfair contract terms in relation to standard terms contracts for around a decade, and similar protection for small businesses for around 4 years.  The Federal Government has now announced that it intends to make changes to the laws concerning unfair contract terms to beef up their operation in a […]