QBM Lawyers are happy to announce that their Partner, Justin Mathews, has just been registered as a qualified Adjudicator with the Queensland Building & Construction Commission.  As well as being registered in Queensland, Justin is also a registered Adjudicator in the Northern Territory. The role of adjudicator in building disputes is an important one, allowing […]

Like most other states and territories across Australia, Queensland introduced a temporary regulation, namely the Justice Legislation (COVID-19 Emergency Response – Wills and Enduring Documents) Regulation 2020 in early May 2020. Later that month, the Queensland government introduced the Justice Legislation (COVID-19 Emergency Response – Documents and Oaths Regulation 2020 (Qld)) (the Regulation), which was […]

Wage theft

Legislation amending the Criminal Code to make wage theft a crime has been introduced to Queensland parliament. At the time of making this post it has not yet passed. Interestingly – and inconsistently with Victorian wage theft legislation – there is no mention of directors’ liability for wage theft as a result of which there […]

Covid 19

First can we give all our best wishes for coping with the challenges coming from the covid 19 pandemic. Second, for any legal issues coming from those challenges with respect to financing, leasing, property contracts, and commercial dealings (including questions of frustration and force majeure), please contact us. Third, for our part we are operating […]