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Conveyancing Gold Coast

Our Gold Coast conveyancing lawyers provide the best possible service in selling or buying residential property on the Gold Coast and Queensland. Working with us for your conveyancing and real estate needs means you receive straightforward advice on everything that affects your transaction.

QBM Lawyers – Experienced Gold Coast conveyancing and property lawyers for Queensland

Our Gold Coast conveyancing lawyers advise you on your contract, protect your rights, and settle your property transaction on time. We will guide you through every step and tell you what to expect, which is invaluable for reducing delays and stress often associated with real estate transactions.

Buying or selling a home can be one of the biggest transactions that a person will ever be involved with.  If it isnt done right, it can be a very costly one.  Easements or building envelopes can restrict where a house or pool can be placed, there could be unapproved additions or structures that might have to be taken down, there might be boundary errors or potential disputes with neighbors.  These are matters which can be dealt with if you have competent advice from a skilled lawyer.

Far too often we deal with clerks representing parties to conveyancing matters who seem to have little knowledge of basic contract law, and who do not appear to be adequately supervised.  Basic concepts such as acceptance needing to be consistent with the offer are ignored, because of inadequate training or supervision.  These are issues which can lead to the termination of the contract.

Conveyancing needs to be done right, not cheap.  When we are instructed to act in a conveyance, we have the file conducted by a lawyer skilled in conveyancing, and backed up by an experienced team of commercial litigators for immediate action and participation, if something is amiss.  Our Gold Coast conveyancing lawyers adhere to all required standards and aim to exceed them.  This is why we are a firm that others turn to when a transaction goes wrong.  Below are some resources to help you understand why a skilled lawyer is essential, and why cheap might not be good.

Frequently asked questions

Sometimes people will attempt to self-act in a conveyancing matter, and in many cases the matter will proceed to settlement and no problem will occur. But it is very easy for an inexperienced person to make an error in the conveyancing process, and that error could result in the loss of money or rights or the termination of the contract and litigation. A significant number of matters which proceed through the Queensland courts relate to troubled conveyancing matters – particularly from buyers trying to terminate contracts in falling markets to avoid settling on an overpriced property, or sellers trying to terminate contracts in a rising market to sell for more. Having a competent conveyancing lawyer can protect against those problems. After all, most people wouldn’t try to repair their $50,000 car themselves and risk voiding the warranty, so why would you risk more problems with your far more valuable property?

This depends on a number of factors – whether it is residential or commercial, whether you are buying or selling, what searches are done, the requirements of the financiers among them. As a buyer, the costs will generally be professional costs, search fees, transfer duty and registration fees (see link above for an estimator). As a seller, there are generally professional costs and search fees. Some special conditions or other features might trigger more expense. As an example, “off the plan” contracts will generally involve significantly higher fees particularly in high rise buildings where there can be numerous documents involved and far greater risk that circumstances will change before settlement. Contracts which are subject to settlement of other contracts can also become more expensive. For a comprehensive quote for your conveyance, call our Gold Coast conveyancing lawyers on 07 5574 0623. We do not aim to be the cheapest, but our service is second to none.

Contact our Gold Coast conveyancing lawyers on 07 5574 0623 or if you have any conveyancing needs.

Specialist Conveyancing Advice

At QBM Lawyers we focus on delivering effective results to clients and have the management, support, and facilities to do so.  We understand our clients’ aims, acknowledge their challenges and opportunities and are able to listen and respond to their commercial needs.