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Transfer Duty

Transfer Duty QLD

When it comes to transfer duty QLD, our Gold Coast conveyancing lawyers are here to help you. We assist you in understanding your obligations and exploring any exemptions or reductions you might be eligible for. As registered self-assessors, QBM Lawyers ensure that most contracts are stamped by our team, acting as agents for the Office of State Revenue.

Understanding Transfer Duty QLD

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Generally, transfer duty applies to most property transactions in Queensland. The amount you need to pay can depend on whether you’re purchasing as an investor or a homeowner, and whether you have previously owned land in Queensland. To get an estimate of your transfer duty, use the Transfer Duty Estimator.

Key Points About Transfer Duty

  • Payment Timeline: Transfer duty is typically due within 30 days from the contract date or from when it becomes unconditional, with certain qualifications and exceptions.
  • Additional Fees: Other state government charges include registration fees for transferring property. These fees vary based on the property price and can be calculated using the Fee Calculator.
  • Commercial Property: For commercial properties, transfer duty is payable on the GST-inclusive purchase price. This means that you will pay transfer duty on the total amount, including GST.

Responsibilities and Penalties

While the buyer typically pays transfer duty, under Duties legislation, the seller is also responsible. If the buyer fails to pay, the seller can be held accountable. Late payments incur unpaid tax interest (UTI) and failing to lodge the duty can be an offence.

Our Service Scope

Please note, that we generally do not stamp contracts or agreements for transactions where we have not acted. As assessors, we have obligations to the Office of State Revenue, including record retention and audit readiness. Due to these responsibilities and the need to reduce risk, we only stamp documents when fully instructed about the transaction. Verifying these matters takes time, making it impractical to appoint us solely for stamping purposes.

For personalized advice and to ensure compliance with transfer duty QLD, contact QBM Lawyers.

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