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Business Lawyer Gold Coast

Business Lawyers Gold Coast

When you need competent advice from business lawyers Gold Coast, QBM Lawyers offer effective advice and representation in respect of commercial transactions, recognising risks and strategies designed to avoid dispute.

With evolving legislation impacting upon business dealings, and increasing obligations to consumers, our business lawyers are well equipped to provide advice, material, and transaction documentation for most business dealings, and to work with your accountants or other advisors in the creation of vehicles and structures in which to carry on business ventures.

The business lawyers at QBM Lawyers provide services and advice in:

  • Business structuring;
  • Partnerships and joint ventures;
  • Associations;
  • Australian Consumer Law Compliance;
  • Business acquisitions and sales;
  • Lending and mortgages;
  • Business and commercial litigation;
  • Restraints against competition and restraints of trade;
  • Franchising including franchise disputes.

QBM Lawyers - Experienced business and commercial lawyers for Gold Coast, Queensland and interstate transactions

Having a strong commercial litigation practice, the business lawyers at QBM Lawyers are not only familiar with where a transaction can go wrong, but also means to avoid those risks, and dealing with risks in the evolving nature of commercial law and compliance.  Working in litigation and alongside litigators, our business lawyers have immediate access to a wealth of advice and experience, as well as keeping up to date in the latest of decisions of our superior courts for changes in the common law.

Our Gold Coast business lawyers are able to work with you and your accountants in the setting up of sensible structures which allow for asset protection but flexibility for future dealings.  We understand that some structures are unwieldy and can result in challenges when financing or introducing new participants or capital.  We bring that experience and knowledge to the table and use it for the benefit of clients.

For all business and commercial law enquiries, please contact Peter Muller on 07 5574 0575 or

Specialist Business Advice

At QBM Lawyers we focus on delivering effective results to clients and have the management, support, and facilities to do so.  We understand our clients’ aims, acknowledge their challenges and opportunities and are able to listen and respond to their commercial needs.