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Gold Coast franchise lawyers

At QBM Lawyers, our Gold Coast franchise lawyers are experienced and competent in both advice in relation to the entry into a franchise agreement and for compliance with various disclosure and other requirements, and various means of dispute resolution if there are issues in the course of the franchise itself.

The involvement of QBM Lawyers in franchising and franchise litigation is one which has continued for a number of years with our Gold Coast franchise lawyers successfully representing parties to franchises in all issues relating to the franchise system, including:

  • Disclosure requirements;
  • Code of Conduct compliance;
  • Leasing and outlet licence agreements;
  • Management and licensing agreements;
  • Supply agreements;
  • employment arrangements;
  • Variations to arrangements;
  • Attempts at dispute resolution;
  • Litigation through the Federal Court or state Supreme Court systems.

Our Gold Coast franchise lawyers appreciate that ultimately the parties to a franchise agreement are in that agreement for commercial benefit and that disputes are a distraction and impediment to that aim.  As a result, whenever possible, our Gold Coast franchise lawyers will look to provide commercially realistic alternatives as solutions which might be to the benefit of all parties.  Having lawyers assisting in dispute resolution who also understand the practicalities of commercial dealings is critical to arriving at sensible and achievable long term solutions.

While the resolution of franchising disputes by mutual agreement remains the preferable course, on some occasions litigation is necessary and in all occasions it is good for parties to understand what they might expect to achieve from the litigation processes.  QBM Lawyers are ideally placed to provide guidance in respect of those matters, having participated in the conduct of numerous proceedings in various courts with successful outcomes.  Having a strength in litigation, our lawyers can quickly deal with issues generally before the parties become entrenched.

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