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If you are wanting litigation lawyers Gold Coast, QBM Lawyers have for a number of years been well known for their strength in litigation. Each of our partners has vast experience in litigation in the various courts and tribunals both in Queensland in interstate, with Justin Mathews having specialist accreditation in commercial litigation. Combined, the firm has enormous resources of skill and familiarity with all aspects of commercial litigation. Our Gold Coast litigation lawyers frequently benefit from referrals from other legal practitioners, accountants, liquidators and financial advisors for the conduct of litigation with a particular emphasis on:

Our Gold Coast litigation lawyers have been involved in the prosecution of actions resulting in a number of ground breaking decisions including:

  • Obtaining the rescission of a contract for the purchase of a high-rise apartment because of the representations of the seller’s agent as to likely growth in value;
  • The dismissal of claims for a clawback of lease incentives in excess of $1,000,000 on the grounds that they were a penalty;
  • Declarations that unexecuted documents constitute binding agreements.

QBM Lawyers - Litigation lawyers Gold Coast - Experienced litigation lawyers for Queensland and interstate disputes

Having a litigation lawyer is sometimes not enough, particularly in a complex commercial dispute. First, many litigation lawyers are unfamiliar with business structures and commercial dealings. Second, often the resolution of a business dispute can easily be achieved through dealing with the commercial structures, and an appreciation of commercial law and business law is necessary to enable that to occur and to protect against unintended consequences.

At QBM Lawyers, our litigation lawyers are familiar with commercial and business structures, and our commercial lawyers work in conjunction with our litigation lawyers to ensure that the best possible representation is given and that clients are not disadvantaged by the shortcomings of a “boutique” litigation firm.

With such a wealth of experience, the partners and lawyers at QBM are able to grasp the realities of the matter quickly and provide guidance in most cases without the cost and delay associated with briefing Counsel, saving resources for when they are needed most.

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At QBM Lawyers we focus on delivering effective results to clients and have the management, support, and facilities to do so.  We understand our clients’ aims, acknowledge their challenges and opportunities and are able to listen and respond to their commercial needs.