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Bankruptcy and Personal Insolvency

Bankruptcy Lawyer Gold Coast And Personal Insolvency

For a bankruptcy lawyer Gold Coast you are at the right place. Our firm specializes in alternatives to bankruptcy, including personal insolvency agreements.

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Facing bankruptcy? Trust the guidance of our experienced bankruptcy lawyer Gold Coast at QBM Lawyers. We provide expert advice on:

  • Negotiations with creditors to avoid bankruptcy
  • Alternatives to bankruptcy, such as personal insolvency agreements
  • What your income contributions might be in the bankruptcy
  • Which of your assets are likely to be divisible property and vest in your trustee
  • Whether you have any risk in respect of dealings undertaken before bankruptcy
  • What you should expect in the bankruptcy process

If you have been made bankrupt, our bankruptcy lawyers can assist in your dealings with your trustee if they have become challenging, and can represent you in any public examination.

Why Choose QBM Bankruptcy Lawyer Gold Coast?

Our bankruptcy lawyers help people and trusted trustees handle bankruptcies and financial problems. Additionally, we know a lot about managing bankrupt estates.
If a bankrupt person has your property or a trustee wants something from you because of your dealings with the bankrupt, such as a preference payment or voidable disposition, our lawyers can tell you what to do and what your rights are.
Alongside our debt recovery work, our bankruptcy and insolvency lawyers at QBM also help creditors understand the costs and benefits of bankruptcy. Plus, we recommend good trustees. We work closely with top insolvency firms in Queensland and interstate.
Thus, with a strong reputation and lots of experience in bankruptcy and money problems, our bankruptcy lawyer Gold Coast can prove to be a great help with all kinds of bankruptcy issues.

For all bankruptcy and personal insolvency related enquiries, please contact us on 07 5574 0111 or admin@qbmlaw.com.au.

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