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Mortgage and Securities Litigation

Gold Coast Mortgage and Securities Litigation Lawyer

Looking for a mortgage lawyer in Gold Coast? You are at the right place. For years, our lawyers have specialized in mortgage and securities litigation.

With expert knowledge of security document terms and available remedies, our lawyers provide great support in disputes.

Mortgage Lawyer, Securities Litigation Lawyer

Our litigation lawyers have acted on behalf of lenders and behalf of borrowers in numerous proceedings including:

  • Actions for the recovery of monies owed under loan agreements
  • Disputes as to the validity of loan agreements and security documents
  • Legal action against guarantors and third-party security providers
  • Actions to enforce the transmission of security documents
  • Measures regarding the mental health of security personnel
  • Actions for delivering property
  • Actions in respect of the terms of finance offer
  • Other related litigation
  • References to the financial ombudsman service

We have a deep wisdom of financial regulations and security documentation. Thus, it allows us to provide strategic advice and effective representation. Whether you are a lender or borrower, our team is dedicated to protecting your interests.

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QBM Lawyers have expert knowledge of the usual terms of security documents. Plus, the remedies available to lenders and borrowers. Hence, our litigation lawyers are ideally placed to provide effective representation in the event of a dispute.

For all enquiries, please contact us on 0755 740111 or admin@qbmlaw.com.au.

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