The Queensland Building and Construction Commission are cracking down on licensing requirements for builders, contractors and subcontractors. Under Section 48 of the Queensland Building and Constructions Commission Act 1991 the Commission may suspend or cancel a license for a variety of reasons including where a builder or contractor’s financial circumstances do not satisfy the relevant […]

On 29 March 2018, in a bid to strengthen compliance with GST Laws, the Government made changes to the GST remittance rules affecting property sales. Effective 1 July 2018, the new GST regime requires purchasers of newly constructed residential properties or potential residential land (i.e. new subdivisions) to withhold the GST amount and remit it […]

Variations will inevitably arise on a construction site. Subcontractors are often forced to pursue variation claims in an adjudication application to recover payment from a contractor. In our experience, contractors invariably dispute claims for variations on two grounds. Firstly, the subcontractor has failed to comply with the terms of the construction contract and obtain the […]