Having been registered for the adjudication of payment claims in Queensland and Northern Territory from 2020 (see https://www.qbmlawyers.com.au/mathews-justin-mathews-licensed-to-adjudicate/), we are proud to announce that Justin Mathews is now also also registered in New South Wales.

The adjudication process allows for the speedy determination of claims for payment under building contracts, so that owners and contractors can avoid being bogged down in lengthy litigation.

The adjudication process allows for a contractor to make a payment claim, and that if it is disputed, then the dispute to be assessed and a determination made within a matter of weeks rather than several months or years. Adjudication decisions are enforceable in courts.

Justin Mathews is now also a Registered Adjudicator to the RICSDRS Adjudication Panel under the Building and Construction Industry (Security of Payments) Act 1999 (NSW), putting is wealth of experience in building and construction law to good use.

For advice in relation to building and construction matters and litigation, contact Justin at justinm@qbmlaw.com.au