Some very interesting concepts relating to driver distraction and road side advertising signs were discussed in a recent decision of the Planning and Environment Court of Queensland, in Australian Outdoor Sign Company Pty Ltd v. Brisbane City Council [2021] QPEC 45. While it might sound like pretty dry stuff, it actually makes for a good […]

On 8 September 2021 the High Court found that media organisations (in this case Fairfax Media Publications, Nationwide news, and Australian News Channel) – by creating a public facebook page and posting content on it – encouraged and assisted the publication of comments from third-party Facebook users. The consequence is that those organisations are taken […]

As a registered adjudicator under the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (“BIFA”) and partner, Justin Mathews, who also specialises in Building and Construction Law, sets out below some of the basic requirements of a payment claim to recover monies owed by subcontractors and contractors under construction contracts in adjudication under the BIFA. The […]

The characterisation of a person as an employee or a contractor has a number of important consequences. First, there is the issue of pay and benefits. Then there is the question of responsibility for negligence (generally an employer is responsible for the acts of its employees, when it may not be responsible for the negligence […]