Could be…lots of things can change that might affect your will, other than your children or grandchildren annoying you. Here are just a few:

  1. bankruptcy of a beneficiary – you wouldn’t want your estate going to their creditors, right?
  2. matrimonial issues with a beneficiary – if you die, that property pool their lawyers are arguing over just got bigger;
  3. new property purchase – joint tenancies are not affected by the will, is that what you intend?
  4. company and trust arrangements – have a look at your company and trust financial statements – loans to you will be debts of your estate, loans from you will be assets in your estate. Also there might be loans to or from your spouse. Have they been taken into account when estate planning?;
  5. got married (yay!) or separated (awww). Both will mean the need to update your will;
  6. Self Managed Super? Get your nominations checked out.

These are just a few things, for advice on wills and enduring powers of attorney, contact Peter Muller or Jessica Murray at QBM Lawyers.