Vaccination requirements for Queensland educational workers

While the Queensland government hasn’t been all that helpful in explaining what professional service firms need to do (probably because it is more important to get the high risk settings right, first) it has issued a public health direction for those in high risk settings – the very appropriately named “COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements for Workers in a high-risk setting Direction”. This sets a new benchmark for simplicity in naming, the low point being the “Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act” of 2013.

In any event, the direction is easy to read and it is linked below. It applies to defined “high risk” settings in the schedule (including educational), and appears similar to the direction for workers in health care settings. Worth a read, then it can be quoted in social media posts with devastating effect.


High-risk settings
Early childhood, primary and secondary educational settings including:schools and outdoor education facilitiesother education facilities, including TAFE, that are co-located with a schooloutside school hours care and vacation carekindergartens, registered and licensed early childhood settings and family daycare providers
A corrective services facility listed in Schedule 4 of the Corrective Services Act 2006, specifically:a prisona community corrections centrea work campa temporary corrective services facility declared under section 268(2).
Police watch houses
The youth detention centres listed in Schedule 1 of the Youth Justice Regulation 2016:Brisbane Youth Detention Centre (99 Wolston Park Road, Wacol); andCleveland Youth Detention Centre (27-79 Old Common Road, Belgian Gardens, Townsville); andWest Moreton Youth Detention Centre (99 Wolston Park Road, Wacol).
The following areas of an airport that receives interstate or overseas flights:all indoor areas of an international or interstate terminal; andoutdoor passenger areas such as passenger transport areas including terminal car parks and taxi ranks; andbusinesses that are within the airport precinct such as car rental businesses, cafes and hotels.For example: At Brisbane airport, Skygate is not within the airport precinct.